Network marketing.

class playOne of the reasons I chose network marketing was because when I had my son I was determined to work from home so I could enjoy every moment of watching him grow. Working from home allowed me the freedom to work around my son’s schedule so I could be present for his milestones, care for him when he was  ill, on school vacation, and attend all the school events I might otherwise have missed with a corporate job.

You can run almost any type of information or service business from the comfort of your own home.  However, it’s still linear income or an income based on your available time and energy to produce. It’s better than a corporate job but not by much. However, there is a different type of home business called network marketing.  In this type of business you earn residual income otherwise known as passive or recurring income.  It was this residual income that supported me during times when I wasn’t able to actively work because I was caring for my son.

Most people have network marketing associated with sales. I know I did and that’s a huge reason I initially resisted it. I had worked in retail and real estate and I hated sales. The only part of it I liked were the people I got to meet but the relationships never lasted beyond the transaction. Once I found out what network marketing was really about I realized it was perfect for me. I love connecting with people and sharing what I know.  As I learn about consciousness, natural health, essential oils, sustainability and more, I simply share it with people and my business and income grows.  More importantly it’s allowed me to build incredible, long lasting relationships with people all over the world!

Personally, I found the following video to be very helpful in explaining what network marketing is and also in dispelling the myths of what it’s not. David Roth of Networx Online explains network marketing in the video, Industry of Opportunity

At the end of the video you should be clear if this type of home business and income is right for you.  If it is then I’d love to have you JOIN MY TEAM! If you have questions then please CONTACT ME and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about working from home.