Dessert-scented essential oil diffuser blends

When your to-do list is a mile long during the holiday season, it can be a struggle to fit in your favorite holiday baking traditions; after all, it’s hard to find the time or the calories to spare. The solution: Trick your senses with perfectly crafted essential oil blends that will immediately make your house smell like you have been baking for hours!*

The following  blends are based on 10 drops per diffuser, but they should be modified based on your individual diffuser drop suggestions. ...Read More


Essential oils as spices and flavorings


Many essential oils make excellent food flavorings*. They are so concentrated that only 1-2 drops of an essential oil is equivalent to a full bottle (1-2 oz. size) of dried herbs. I use them especially in the winter when fresh herbs aren’t readily available locally here in Colorado. They’ll last longer than herbs as long as you keep them out of direct heat and sunlight with the lid tightly closed.

As a general rule, spice oils impart a far stronger flavor than citrus oils do. For stronger spice oils (such as oregano, nutmeg, cinnamon, marjoram, tarragon, wintergreen/birch, thyme, or basil), you may choose to dip a toothpick into the oils and stir food (after cooking) with toothpick. This controls the amount of essential oil that is put into the food. ...Read More