Spiritual healing with sun in Gemini, May 21, 2015


On May 21, 2015 the Sun entered the sign of Gemini. This time, both Mercury and Mars were retrograde in Gemini which packed a greater opportunity for spiritual healing. The Moon opposed Pluto, revealing the inner places where our emotional resistance tends to hold fast. The Moon squared Uranus providing an opportunity to avoid our normally triggered reactions.  The day ended with Venus opposing Pluto which raised residual fears regarding  power and control in finances or relationships.

The energy or consciousness sessions I gave translated the astrology into healing with a theme focused on clearing old childhood hurts. These hurts were where we didn’t get our feelings and needs acknowledged so we came to faulty conclusions that we were defective in some way and needed to be perfect in order to survive. That goal of perfectionism becomes a never-ending drive, a quest to achieve more, better, best; yet always falling short in order to keep the cycle going. We become hard, sharp, self judging and self hating towards ourselves and project that outwards towards others, unfortunately often on those we love the most. A habitual pattern of leaving the body and shooting out into space causes great tension and stress in the neck, head, jaw and shoulders. The stomach can be clenched so tight a full breath isn’t possible and the low back aches from lack of support and all the sugar we tend to eat to numb out at times like these. ...Read More