Spiritual healing with sun in Gemini, May 21, 2015

sun_geminiOn May 21, 2015 the Sun entered the sign of Gemini. This time, both Mercury and Mars were retrograde in Gemini which packed a greater opportunity for spiritual healing. The Moon opposed Pluto, revealing the inner places where our emotional resistance tends to hold fast. The Moon squared Uranus providing an opportunity to avoid our normally triggered reactions.  The day ended with Venus opposing Pluto which raised residual fears regarding  power and control in finances or relationships.

The energy or consciousness sessions I gave translated the astrology into healing with a theme focused on clearing old childhood hurts. These hurts were where we didn’t get our feelings and needs acknowledged so we came to faulty conclusions that we were defective in some way and needed to be perfect in order to survive. That goal of perfectionism becomes a never-ending drive, a quest to achieve more, better, best; yet always falling short in order to keep the cycle going. We become hard, sharp, self judging and self hating towards ourselves and project that outwards towards others, unfortunately often on those we love the most. A habitual pattern of leaving the body and shooting out into space causes great tension and stress in the neck, head, jaw and shoulders. The stomach can be clenched so tight a full breath isn’t possible and the low back aches from lack of support and all the sugar we tend to eat to numb out at times like these.

One session in particular started very simply, one breath at a time coming back down into the body. It was important to forgive and embrace the small child part who was never met thereby meeting it and meeting ourselves in the process. Deep breathing allows the tension to melt so that we can feel our hearts again. Feel our bodies again. Feel again.  The layer that was up to be lifted is as hard and heavy as concrete with rebar sticking out of it. I saw it like the foundation of a house being dug out revealing the damp earth below. The old concrete foundation is the false belief in separation, in ego, in power, control, being right and in driving for perfection. The damp earth below is the womb of the mother, soft, dark, safe, rich and full of creative potential. The energy took us down into the womb, into the creative feminine life forces. Water started to flow everywhere. Crystal clear at first like a creek bed rushing over small, smooth stones of varied sizes, shapes and colors. In a moment the stones transformed into coins of every denomination and country of origin as well as unique shapes, sizes and colors. Shiny, beautiful coins as deep and as far as the eye can see. A well of infinite resource deep within our being. The water changed from clear to sparkling golden like a blend of honey, butter and champagne. It flowed through the body cleansing out the old energies and beliefs and creating new nervous system responses to go deep within instead of fight or flight when triggered.

girl dancing in flowersSuddenly the client’s spirit shifted to dancing in a moist field of grass and flowers surrounded by tall trees. The spirit form was wearing a flowing dress and crown of flowers. Dancing with dragonflies, butterflies and sunshine the body is free, alive, a creative force of beauty and enjoyment. So very different from the human experience of disease, exhaustion, dread and lack.

From this new, rich, grounded, flowing place deep within the being and body pure creative potential will create for the client new creative projects, new sources of income, new health and vitality as well as new relationships. Intimate relationship will no longer be about getting ones needs met or measuring a person’s value by worldly standards of wealth, physical appearance, or intellect. Instead, relationship will be a sensual discovery of delight,”Oh, how does my beloved feel when I touch him this way? How does his scent awaken my heart? How does his embrace sooth me?”

Freedom from judgement of self allows for freedom of judgement of others. It allows for deep peace and even deeper love. It allows for an experience of Oneness and wholeness that resonates throughout our bodies, through our entire being and sends out into the cosmos a resonance that may be used by all to transform reality. This is the paradigm shift we’re all heading towards. Those who took advantage of the astrological alignments of May 21, 2015, were able to get a taste of it sooner.