Essential Oils Wellness Team

I’m thrilled to share some of my top business partners below.  They are all talented people in various fields of consciousness, health and sustainability so please check them out if you’re looking for local support or to join our team!


Brian HillBrian Hill: Sarasota, FL (
Brian is my son’s godfather, one of my first Young Living team members and a gifted astrologer! His astrology readings are so accurate because he has the ability to read the charts and channel in wisdom from higher places. His also has the unique ability to read your chart and recommend essential oils that will support your journey.


Mary_BradtkeMary Bradtke: Sante Fe, NM
My dear friend, Mary was one of the first people to introduce me to essential oils. She’s a walking essential oil encyclopedia! Mary is also a gifted intuitive, tarot card reader, and artist. She shows her art in Sante Fe as well as creating angel guide portraits for clients.


Nancy QuigleyNancy Quigley: Annapolis, MD
Nancy is one of my top team members providing sessions in Rain Drop Technique as well as being the director of business development at Aid Through Trade. 



Andi HarperDr. Andi Harper: Denver, CO (
Dr. Andi as she’s known is an animal chiropractor who integrates the use of essential oils into her practice. She has a great radio show “Dr. Andi’s Animal Magic Radio Show” so listen in sometime!


Sandra Couture: Sarasota, FL (
A licensed massage therapist since 1994, Sandy specializes in CranioSacral Therapy. She’s a Rieki Master, also certified in Neuro Muscular therapy. Sandy studied Raindrop Therapy with Young Living founder, Gary Young in 2002, and has been using Young Living oils with her clients for over 10 years. She offers individual heart centered therapy, classes, and demonstrations on improving mind and body wellness.

Teresa_CombsTeresa Combs: Knoxville, TN (
Teresa is a licensed massage therapist and the first one ever employed at Eastern Tennessee Children’s Hospital! In her practice, A Touch For Health, she uses Young Living Essential Oils and specializes in massage for pregnancy, infants, post mastectomy & recovery, as well as Myofascial, Cranial Sacral, and Reiki.


Denise_RoofDenise Roof: Saint Johns, MI
Denise, her dear mother, Helen and I have been sharing & enjoying Young Living Essential Oils for over fifteen years! Denise specializes in Young Living essential oils & supplements for horses and also owns Sundaes Ice Cream Parlor in Saint Johns.



It’s important to note that joining my Essential Oils Wellness Team means you’re joining a team that’s very close to the corporate level with some of the top leaders in Young Living.


Teri_SecrestTeri Secrest has achieved the highest rank in Young Living of Royal Crown Diamond. A former model she is an author, guest on over fifty radio shows and an international speaker. She started with Young Living back before websites and social media so she built her business the old fashioned way by phone and postal mail! Her motivation was to stay home to raise her children on their horse farm.  It worked and now those children are grown and paying their way through college with Young Living businesses of their own! Teri is now moving into her “empty nest” phase of life by moving from Colorado to Florida and traveling the world sharing Young Living.


Tracy_Ulrich_1Tracy Ulrich or “Oil Tracy” as my son calls her has been my dear friend, business mentor and fellow stay at home mom since my son was born. Our boys even have the same name! I can’t hold a candle to her when it comes to multi-tasking! We’ve built our Young Living businesses on the strength of our faith, the depth of our relationships and by sharing the products that have brought us such joy and support. Tracy has achieved the rank of Gold in Young Living. She enjoys sharing essential oils, her newest grandchildren and gardening at her home in WA state.