I’m a certified Holistic Life Coach who loves learning about everything natural, organic, healthy and spiritual and sharing it with others.  That’s made very easy living in one of the healthiest towns in the USA, Boulder, CO.  I’m surrounded by natural & organic stores and local farms.  Natural living is a way of being here and there are sports to enjoy year round.

I’ve spent the past twenty years learning about alternative health options through my personal journey of healing and awakening.  Sometimes it’s been through hard personal experiences such as my son having food allergies or by exhausting my endocrine system.  Other times it was just discovering a new healing practice or practitioner.   I write about consciousness or a spiritual perspective as the source of health because that’s been my personal experience and I’ve found it to be the most effective way to approach my life.  However, I didn’t always think this way so I understand if it sounds a little strange to you.

The first thirty years of my life I lived a very mainstream life and thought accordingly because that’s how I was raised. Born into a very wealthy family I enjoyed luxury on the levels of flying to college on a private Lear jet, vacationing on a private island in the Bahamas, driving luxury cars and having an unlimited income.


I lived a proper “Emily Post” existence dating all the top eligible bachelors, serving on charitable foundations, doing all the right things and having fun experiences but I didn’t experience robust health nor the joy that all my material possessions and social standing was supposed to provide me.

Despite being a professional model, I didn’t feel beautiful nor lovable.   K_-_BMW_-_modelingSomething deep inside was missing but I didn’t know what it was.  I tried different religious and spiritual perspectives, therapy, personal growth seminars, self help books, and trying in vain to find the “one, perfect love”, but nothing.

The summer of my thirtieth birthday I attended a workshop that changed my life.  At first I thought it was the weirdest thing ever!  One of the workshop leader’s, Anamika was talking about metaphysical things like energy and consciousness that I was ignorant of.  The other leader, Mataare claimed to be a trance channel and that allowed spirit guides of the Ascended Masters to speak through him.   I had never heard of these things and thought I must have been a fool to waste good money for such nonsense!  However, as they came around the room to work on the energy of each person, I could not deny my experience.  When they came to me, I burst into tears because I felt the weight of the world lifted from my shoulders and I connected to a place deep inside myself which filled the emptiness that plagued me for so long.

After the workshop was over I had an even more profound experience.  Lying in bed that night, I suddenly became aware of the presence of other beings in my room.  Not only could I feel their presence, I could see and hear them as well.  There were angels, guides, nature spirits and more.  All of them were benevolent but I was scared anyway because I didn’t know such experiences were possible.

bright lightThe experience culminated with a vision of myself leaving my body and traveling up a white shaft of light towards a brighter light.  I entered the brighter light and experienced a feeling of love.  However, it was unlike any love I had ever experienced or even dreamed possible.  It was like the best, safest, most unconditional love times a million!  Although the light appeared empty to the eye, it was full of this love.  Was this God?  Had I died and gone to Heaven?  I remember stating out loud, “I don’t know what this is, or who you are, or what this is all about but THIS LOVE is what I want to experience and live for the rest of my life, NO MATTER WHAT!”  I was then taken back down from the Light to my body and my life.  Along the return trip I saw flashes of my life like slides in an old fashioned slide projector.  They seemed innocent at the time but I was to later experience many of them as a painful part of my journey.

The saying goes, “Be careful what you ask for…you just may get it!”  Well, I had no idea that in order to experience this Love as my only reality as I had requested that I would need to let go of every belief I had about myself, life and reality that was not true, not Love.   It sounds like an easy task intellectually but living it is a completely different matter.   I’m not sure how it works for everyone, all I can share is my experience.  My journey entailed letting go of not only the beliefs but the following actual people, places and things in a relatively short time span:

My grandmother passed away.  My family disowned me emotionally & financially because my fiancee didn’t sign a prenuptial agreement.  I eloped instead of receiving the socialite dream wedding. My Lexus was totaled.  My parents subsequently passed away.  I divorced.  As a trust fund baby who had never earned a living I immediately went bankrupt.  As a single mother raising an infant I also went on food stamps and Medicaid to keep us alive until I figured out how to provide for us.  I gave up all our possessions and our apartment to work as an estate caretaker where we could live in an 11’x22′ room to stay out of the homeless shelter.  One very challenging year my ex husband and I became estranged and spent the year in family court until we were kicked out to high conflict parenting class.   This all culminated in my health breaking down to such a severe level that I developed blood clots in my calves and nearly died.  Believe it or not, that wasn’t the end of the loss.  That would happen later down the road with a 1000 year rain and 100 year flood washing all the physical memories away.

What is the point of sharing all this?  Simply put, as a trust fund baby I could relate to and with a very small percentage of the people on this planet.  Now, however, I have shared many if not all the life challenges that we humans face.  I have learned a lot about a wide variety of subjects, many of which I did not plan to learn about! However, I can now offer support to those going through similar life challenges not only with compassion and understanding but with many tools of how to navigate these experiences as well.

Most of all, I can attest that this journey is worth taking because the end result is worth it.  Although I lost a lot I gained even more.  Before this journey people used to describe me as “Miss America; she looks good, she sounds good, but nobody’s home.”  They weren’t being mean, and they weren’t trying to insult the Miss America pageant, they were describing that they perceived me as a beautiful outer shell of a person but missing a connection to anything deeper, more profound, like my Soul!  The emptiness inside of me was the lack of my being connected to my deeper, infinite nature or Soul and to a Source greater than that.

the best love

I now have that connection and I work to strengthen it daily.  I also have the ability to help others find that connection within themselves as well.  As weird as it sounds, the ability to perceive other dimensions of reality as I previously described isn’t really all that weird.  We all do it every day but we don’t acknowledge it.  When you get a funny feeling to take your umbrella to work despite a clear sky and it rains, or when a mother knows her baby is hungry to nurse even before her milk lets down that’s what I would call intuition or guidance.  When you’re searching for your lost car keys and you “see” a picture in your mind that they’re in a bag on the counter, that’s called clairvoyance or clear seeing.  When you suddenly feel an emotion that’s the same as someone you’re close to that’s called empathy or feeling others feelings. We’re born this way but then trained to forget these skills simply because it’s not part of our mainstream belief system or education.  I redeveloped these skills to a very high level and found them to be helpful to others as well.

I also learned a lot about alternative healing, essential oils, consciousness, relationships, finances, the environment, metaphysics and spirituality.  I didn’t learn them just as intellectual knowledge but as tangible, personal experiences which I can share with you as well.

I use all these tools, knowledge and wisdom to navigate the daily mystery of life.  My journey of having my life recreated from Love continues daily.  Sometimes it’s light and easy and sometimes it’s challenging.  It never ceases to be amazing.  I look forward to sharing it with you. Enjoy!