Enhance your yoga with peppermint and lavender oils.


Here’s a great guest post on how to enhance your yoga with peppermint and lavender essential oils. These oils are two very opposite, yet balancing oils.

The yoga sun salutations can be done just about anywhere and doing them regularly helps with flexibility of the spine and warms up and loosens the muscles of the shoulders, back, neck, and arms. The following is a modified step-by-step sun salutation to help you open physically, mentally, and energetically to each new day.

First, get your Young Living peppermint and lavender essential oils.  Place one drop of peppermint and two to three drops of lavender onto your left palm. Gently rub your right palm over your left to mix the oils together.  ...Read More


Animal communicators really can talk to your pet!

Mittens kitten

I can’t tell you how many times in the past year I’ve looked at my son’s new kitten, Mittens and wondered aloud, “What is she trying to tell me with all that meowing?!” I know I’m not alone in that regard. Believe it or not, our pets understand us perfectly well; we’re the ones that don’t understand their communication in return. However, there are people that do and they’re called animal communicators.

Although the book series of Dr. Doolittle being able to “talk to the animals” was fictional, animal communicator’s skills are very real. They have honed their senses to perceive the thoughts and energies of animals and are able to translate those energies into words for us to understand.  I’ve had great success in using animal communicators for a variety of reasons and a variety of animals ranging from horses, dogs, cats, and even gerbils!  Whether you’re trying to find a lost pet, understand feeding or training issues, health issues or to create closure as a beloved pet is dying or has passed, animal communicators can help bridge the gap between species. ...Read More


Lavender essential oil.

lavender rows

Ironically, I used to hate the smell of lavender essential oil. It was one of the first essential oils I was introduced to by a friend but it was a different brand, not Young Living. Unfortunately, I didn’t understand that I was smelling an inferior quality of lavender essential oil which was causing my negative reaction. Once I tried Young Living’s lavender oil I became a huge fan! Young Living has three farms that grow lavender, located in Utah, Idaho, and France. I’ve walked the lavender fields in the Idaho and Utah farms and I’m clear that sourcing the lavender from their own farms combined with the Young Living’s “Seed To Seal” process is what produces the quality of lavender essential oil that I now enjoy. ...Read More


Where should your smartphone be when you sleep?

smartphone image

Where should your smartphone be when you sleep? I’ll give you a hint, not in your bedroom! The blue light that the phone emits tricks your brain into thinking it’s dawn even though you haven’t been to sleep yet. This effects everyone but young people are especially susceptible to it. In a Time/Qualcomm poll conducted in 2012, 4700 respondents in seven countries including the Unites States, found that young people responded that they didn’t “sleep as well because I am connected to technology all the time.” ...Read More


Slow money is healthy, sustainable and smart investing.

slow money book cover

You may have heard of the “Slow Food” movement but have you heard of “Slow Money?” I hadn’t until I attended the AREDAY (American Renewable Energy Day) conference in Aspen, CO with my friend and former client, Mariel Hemingway. She was at AREDAY sharing her current book at the time, Mariel’s Kitchen.

At dinner that night I met Woody Tasch, the author of Inquiries Into The Nature of Slow Money…investing as if food, farms, and fertility mattered. Woody summarized the concept of Slow Money as “Catalyzing the flow of capital to local food enterprises and organic farms, connecting investors to the places where they live and “bringing money back down to earth.” This was a concept that resonated for me on many levels. ...Read More


Peppermint essential oil.

peppermint leaves

Peppermint essential oil is my second favorite oil. I carry a bottle with me everywhere.  I use it to freshen my breath and to improve my clarity, focus and energy when I’m tired or need a boost at the gym.

Peppermint essential oil has an invigorating and fresh mint aroma. Peppermint (Mentha piperita) is native to Europe and is a hybrid of the wintergreen and spearmint plants. Growing to approximately 2 feet tall, peppermint plants bloom from July through August, sprouting tiny, purple flowers in whorls and terminal spikes. Preparations for extracting peppermint essential oil begin with the leaves and flowering tops of the plant, where menthol— peppermint’s primary active component—is extracted. The term “mint” is from the Greek name Mintha, a mythological nymph transformed into a plant by the goddess Persephone after she learned of her husband Pluto’s love for her. ...Read More


Do we inherit memories through DNA or is it consciousness?


Do we inherit memories through our DNA or is it energetic patterns of consciousness? A new Nature Neuroscience study shows that mice who were trained to fear the smell of cherry blossoms subsequently passed their fear down to their children and grandchildren despite their never having experienced the fear in their own lives.

The report concluded that “The experiences of a parent, even before conceiving, markedly influence both structure and function in the nervous system of subsequent generations.” These findings were considered important to understanding why people suffer from seemingly irrational phobias. ...Read More


Essential oils as spices and flavorings


Many essential oils make excellent food flavorings*. They are so concentrated that only 1-2 drops of an essential oil is equivalent to a full bottle (1-2 oz. size) of dried herbs. I use them especially in the winter when fresh herbs aren’t readily available locally here in Colorado. They’ll last longer than herbs as long as you keep them out of direct heat and sunlight with the lid tightly closed.

As a general rule, spice oils impart a far stronger flavor than citrus oils do. For stronger spice oils (such as oregano, nutmeg, cinnamon, marjoram, tarragon, wintergreen/birch, thyme, or basil), you may choose to dip a toothpick into the oils and stir food (after cooking) with toothpick. This controls the amount of essential oil that is put into the food. ...Read More


How do Waldorf and public schools compare?

5th grade may pole violins

How do Waldorf and public schools compare? At first glance it’s easy to see that Waldorf Education puts high value in art, critical thinking, and creativity and does not pursue academic instruction before the age of seven. Whereas mainstream schools puts a high value on standard and measurable academics, with a focus on math and reading starting at age five.

However, that does not shed much light on the multi-layered and nuanced approaches of each system. In an effort to clarify, Spring Garden Waldorf School created the chart below describing similarities and differences in each educational system. ...Read More


Tomato sauce with Basil and Thyme essential oils

tomato sauce eo's recipe image

Essential oils can be an easy substitute for fresh herbs, especially in the winter. Because they’re so concentrate I recommend pouring a drop into a separate container first, or simply dipping a toothpick into the oil bottle. You can always add more if needed but you can’t remove it if you’ve added too much.

I also prefer fresh organic tomatoes from our local, Farmer’s Market. They’re easy enough to dice by hand or with your Cuisinart and are much healthier and better tasting than canned. ...Read More