Where should your smartphone be when you sleep?

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Where should your smartphone be when you sleep? I’ll give you a hint, not in your bedroom! The blue light that the phone emits tricks your brain into thinking it’s dawn even though you haven’t been to sleep yet. This effects everyone but young people are especially susceptible to it. In a Time/Qualcomm poll conducted in 2012, 4700 respondents in seven countries including the Unites States, found that young people responded that they didn’t “sleep as well because I am connected to technology all the time.” ...Read More


How do Waldorf and public schools compare?

5th grade may pole violins

How do Waldorf and public schools compare? At first glance it’s easy to see that Waldorf Education puts high value in art, critical thinking, and creativity and does not pursue academic instruction before the age of seven. Whereas mainstream schools puts a high value on standard and measurable academics, with a focus on math and reading starting at age five.

However, that does not shed much light on the multi-layered and nuanced approaches of each system. In an effort to clarify, Spring Garden Waldorf School created the chart below describing similarities and differences in each educational system. ...Read More